Pod Bean, 10/11/17

“I had long wanted to write a book about female power. This era seemed like a great one to explore. There were so many more restrictions on female behavior than there are now, and yet, as of the war, everything was open to question. Lives were changing.”

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The New Yorker Radio Hour, 10/06 

“Fiction has a magical quality to it, in the sense that no one really knows where it comes from. It’s like dreaming.”

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New York Times, 10/06/17 

“New York felt like a war zone for several months after 9/11… It made me think about the trajectory of American global power, and wonder about the future of that trajectory, but also, wonder about the past of it: World War II.”

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NPR, 10/05/17 

“It was such a thrill to finally feel like I had imbibed enough information that it felt natural to me. It felt like time travel actually.”

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Goodreads, October 2017

“Anna just arose the way my characters always do. I started writing, and there she was.”

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Publisher’s Weekly, 09/15/17

“Until this novel, it had never crossed my mind to think about the collective memories of people alive at a certain time,” she says. “But who isn’t constantly thinking about their own past?”

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New York Times By the Book, 09/28/17

If I try to read a book I’m not hungry for, I won’t enjoy it, but if I wait until I have a real appetite for something, I’ll devour it.”

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The Globe and Mail, 09/29/17

“For me, writing fiction is a process of imagining my way into what I don’t know.”

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The Guardian, 9/24/2017

“…I’ve learned there is a feeling I have about things that are going to end up in my fiction, a kind of excitement. I have this dream again and again: I find extra rooms in the place where I live. You could say it’s a very New York dream, but I think it’s about writing – the feeling that there is something behind a wall or a door. When I went on my first tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, I had the sense that I was pushing through a wall. I was in a hidden city.”

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